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Our process begins with a consultation to help you understand your vision and design preferences.

Boost your biz

Use a trendy neon sign to represent your company!

Send us your specifications so we may create personalised neon logos or phrases for your shop, making it a desired setting for all of your work-related selfies.

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    Explore The World of Neon with CG. Are you ready to be part of the biggest neon community with Customising Gifts?

  • Neon It

    Upgrade to the sleek and futuristic theme right away. Design your customised Neon Sign to set the mood. Purchase a Neon Sign for gifting, business, home décor, cafés, marketing, and various other uses.

    Neon It 
  • Creating illumination to your atmosphere

    Experience world-class craftsmanship with LED neon signs that brighten up your space and match your aesthetic.

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Start making your ideas memorable.

The possibilities are endless when you become the designer of your own neon sign, whether it be your name, a corny saying, or yet another phrase from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

To build your own sign, just input the text and choose the font, colour, and size.


Customising Gifts Now and Forever

Now Gifting is Easier

We provide personalised, high-quality neon lights to make your home or office more lively and fun. Amuse yourself during the evening with a little customised gift like our neon light that says your name. You can personalise these in many designs and colours to complement any decor. They are also great gifts to give at a party or wedding, as they can be used in fun ways.

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